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Mikes has menu items in Frank's RedHot Spicy Novelties, Appetizers, Meal Salads, Pizzas, Subs, Pasta, Duettos, Poutines, Fries, Desserts, Beverages, Beverages and Beer and Wine in Canada.

Mikes is one of the leading restaurants in Canada, and has one of the most diverse and delicious menus. From the classic Canadian staples to spicy and unique novelties, the restaurant has something for everyone.

The menu includes tasty items such as the RedHot Chipotle Burger and the RedHot Fried Chicken Sandwich. These dishes are sure to tantalize the taste buds of any spice-lover.

Mikes also offers a Promotion menu. This menu consists of special offers that change every week, offering customers the chance to try something new and exciting.The Salades Repas / Meal Salads menu includes a variety of salads such as the Mediterranean Salad and the Taco Salad. These salads are filled with fresh ingredients and are sure to satisfy any appetite.

The Pizzas menu has a selection of classic and unique pizzas. Customers can choose from classic options, such as the Margherita, or they can try something new, such as the Mexicana.The Sous-Marins / Subs menu includes a variety of subs such as the Veggie Sub and the Italian Sub. These subs are made with fresh ingredients and are sure to please.

The Frites / Fries menu includes a variety of fries such as the Classic Fries and the Sweet Potato Fries.The Desserts menu features a selection of sweet treats such as the Apple Pie and the Chocolate Cake.

The Breuvages / Beverages menu includes a variety of drinks such as the Soft Drinks and the Iced Teas.The Bière et vin / Beer and Wine menu includes a selection of beer and wine. Customers can choose from craft beers, imported beers, and wines.

Mikes has something for everyone. From classic Canadian staples to spicy and unique novelties, customers are sure to find something to satisfy their cravings. With a variety of dishes and drinks to choose from, Mikes is sure to become a favourite destination for any food lover.

Mikes FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Mikes menu prices near me?

    Mikes has menu item prices between $2.29 and $32.99. Menu items range from lowest priced item Soft Drinks to highest priced item Le Bonheur Chardonnay (South Africa).
    The price range of the menu of Mikes at the store generally varies between:

    • $2.29 - $32.99

  • What is Mikes Canada Website Link?

    Mikes Canada official website is https://toujoursmikes.ca/

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