Mcdonald's Mcflurry Menu and Prices in Ireland 2024

Mcdonald's Mcflurry Menu Ireland

Mcdonald's Mcflurry has menu items in Desserts, McCafé Hot Drinks, McCafé Hot Drinks and Cold Drinks in Ireland.

McDonald's McFlurry menu in Ireland has been a hit amongst customers. The variety of flavors, including some exclusive to the country, have been praised by those who have tasted them. From classic flavors like Oreo and M&M's to decadent options like Maltesers and Cadbury Dairy Milk, there is something for everyone. In addition to the delicious range of flavors, McDonald's also offers several different sizes that can be shared or enjoyed alone.

McDonald’s McFlurry menu has been a dizzying array of delicious ice cream treats since 1997. This tasty treat has become a hit in Ireland and can be found in McDonald’s restaurants all over the country.

McFlurrys come in many flavors, from the classic Oreo to the newer and more adventurous salted caramel or banana. The Oreo McFlurry is the most popular, and is a creamy blend of vanilla soft serve, Oreo cookie pieces and a special creamy topping. Those with a sweet tooth can opt for the Maltesers McFlurry, which is a creamy blend of vanilla soft serve, Maltesers and a special creamy topping.

McDonald’s Ireland menu also includes the beloved Flake McFlurry. This sweet treat is a creamy blend of vanilla soft serve, Flake pieces and a special creamy topping. For those looking for a chocolate hit, the Cadbury Dairy Milk McFlurry is a perfect choice. The dairy milk chocolate pieces and creamy topping combine to make this delicious dessert.

The newest addition to McDonald’s McFlurry menu in Ireland is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry. This recent addition combines the classic peanut butter cup pieces with creamy topping and vanilla soft serve. This is one of the most popular flavors in Ireland and has been a hit with customers.

McDonald’s McFlurry menu in Ireland is always evolving and changing, with new flavors and creations added to the menu regularly. For those looking for a tasty treat on the go, McDonald’s McFlurry menu has something for everyone. From the classic Oreo to the newest addition of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, there is something for all tastes.

Mcdonald's Mcflurry FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Mcdonald's Mcflurry menu prices near me?

    Mcdonald's Mcflurry has menu item prices between €1.3 and €3.3. Menu items range from lowest priced item Sugar Donut to highest priced item Aero Chocolate McFlurry.
    The price range of the menu of Mcdonald's Mcflurry at the store generally varies between:

    • €1.3 - €3.3

  • What is Mcdonald's Mcflurry Ireland Website Link?

    Mcdonald's Mcflurry Ireland official website is

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