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Al Baik has menu items in Breakfast, Chicken Combos, Combo Meals, Family Meals, Vegetarian, Seafood, Chicken, Side Dishes, Desserts, Desserts and Beverages in UAE.

When it comes to fast-food dining in the UAE, Al Baik Restaurant stands out from the crowd thanks to its innovative and mouthwatering menu. This restaurant has crafted its reputation in the culinary scene of the UAE by delivering quality fast-food with a unique twist.

Fans of Al Baik are particularly drawn to their delectable selection of chicken dishes. The Broast Chicken here has become a staple for UAE food lovers due to its crispy skin coupled with a juicy and flavorful interior. This dish is usually served with a tangy garlic sauce that perfectly complements the chicken, adding an additional layer of aromatic taste.

One of the popular items in their menu is the Al Baik Shrimp Box, a boxed meal containing breaded shrimps that are deep-fried to golden perfection, exuding a tender and juicy texture in every bite. This is served with fries and coleslaw to make it a complete satisfying meal.

Their menu also includes lip-smacking sandwiches, a particular mention being their specially prepared Chicken Filet Sandwich. For those who always crave a little more, the Family Meal boxes that include a mix of broast chicken, nuggets, and fries can be a delicious solution.

In addition to these, Al Baik offers zesty garlic sauce, coleslaw, and a variety of drinks to complete their menu, ensuring the flavors come together harmoniously to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

Al Baik UAE Menu Price

Al Baik FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Al Baik menu prices near me?

    Al Baik has menu item prices between AED2 and AED72. Menu items range from lowest priced item Garlic Sauce to highest priced item 4 Double Baik Combo.
    The price range of the menu of Al Baik at the store generally varies between:

    • AED2 - AED72

  • What is Al Baik UAE Website Link?

    Al Baik UAE official website is

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