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Zorbas Menu UK

Zorbas has menu items in Starters, Main Course, Mythical Mezze, Charcoal Grill, Fish, Fish and Desserts in UK.

Zorbas, a beloved UK restaurant chain, offers a tantalizing menu that showcases the best of Greek cuisine. From succulent souvlaki to creamy tzatziki, each dish is crafted with authentic ingredients and traditional recipes.

Start your culinary journey with a selection of appetizers, such as crispy calamari or warm spanakopita. These delightful starters are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

For the main course, indulge in a classic moussaka, a hearty dish featuring layers of eggplant, ground meat, and béchamel sauce. Alternatively, opt for the juicy gyros, served with fluffy pita bread and a side of crisp Greek salad.

Vegetarians will delight in the stuffed tomatoes and peppers, filled with aromatic rice and herbs. Pair your meal with a refreshing Greek beer or a glass of robust red wine.

No Greek feast is complete without a sweet ending, and Zorbas does not disappoint. Treat yourself to a decadent slice of baklava, a flaky pastry filled with chopped nuts and drenched in honey syrup.

With its warm atmosphere, friendly service, and authentic flavors, Zorbas invites you to experience the rich culinary heritage of Greece right here in the UK. Visit your nearest location and embark on a delightful gastronomic adventure.

Zorbas FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Zorbas menu prices near me?

    Zorbas has menu item prices between £4.95 and £29.95. Menu items range from lowest priced item Ice Cream to highest priced item Mythical Mezze.
    The price range of the menu of Zorbas at the store generally varies between:

    • £4.95 - £29.95

  • What is Zorbas UK Website Link?

    Zorbas UK official website is https://zorbas.co.uk/

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