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Red Rooster Menu Australia

Red Rooster has menu items like Shared Meals, Roast & Fried Chicken, Boxes, Chicken Combos, Burgers, Rolls, & Wraps, Snacks, Sides & Kids Meals, Desserts and Drinks in Australia.

Red Rooster is a fast food chain specializing in chicken that began in Australia. The first Red Rooster store opened in 1972 in Dandenong, Victoria. The company has grown to over 400 stores across Australia. Red Rooster menu prices are generally considered to be very reasonable. For example, a wrap with chicken, cheese, and salad greens is only $5.95 AUD. The company also offers several healthy options, such as wraps made with whole wheat tortillas and salads with no dressing.

Red Rooster Menu Price Australia

Red Rooster Australia FAQ

  • What are the Red Rooster menu prices near me?

    Red Rooster has menu item prices between A$0.5 and A$54.95. Menu items range from lowest priced item Sauces to highest priced item Big Red Feast.
    The price range of the menu of Red Rooster at the store generally varies between:

    • A$0.5 - A$54.95

  • What is Red Rooster Australia Website Link?

    Red Rooster Australia official website is

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