Sushi Hub Menu Prices in Australia 2022

Sushi Hub Menu Australia

Sushi Hub has menu items like Set Menu, Maki Rolls, Sushi Box, Sashimi and Salad, Nigiri, Inari, Drinks and Extra Sauce in Australia.

Sushi is a Japanese dish that consists of cooked rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. It is traditionally rolled in nori seaweed and often contains raw fish, vegetables, and rice. sushi has become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years.

Sushi Hub is a popular sushi chain in Australia that offers a wide variety of maki rolls, sushi boxes, and other menu items at reasonable prices. The chain has over 30 locations across the country, making it convenient for Australians to enjoy delicious sushi.

The menu at Sushi Hub features a wide variety of maki rolls, nigiri sushi, sashimi, and salads. The prices are very affordable, starting at just $3 for a small maki roll. The most expensive item on the menu is the salmon skin handroll, which costs $9.99.

Sushi Hub Menu Price Australia

Sushi Hub Australia FAQ

  • What are the Sushi Hub menu prices near me?

    Sushi Hub has menu item prices between A$1.0 and A$70.0. Menu items range from lowest priced item Mayonnaise to highest priced item Maki/Inari/Nigiri Pack for 4.
    The price range of the menu of Sushi Hub at the store generally varies between:

    • A$1.0 - A$70.0

  • What is Sushi Hub Australia Website Link?

    Sushi Hub Australia official website is

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